MTV TJ Finalist And Fashionista Gabi Gregg Feels Right At Home In NYC

'Young, Fat and Fabulous' blogger makes it to the top five in MTV's Twitter Jockey search.

Gabi Gregg wants to move back to New York. All her friends are there, and it just feels right whenever she visits.

And, of course, there's Fashion Week.

Gabi, 24, is the creator of the groundbreaking plus-size fashion blog Young, Fat and Fabulous and one of the five finalists in the running to be MTV's very first Twitter Jockey. If she wins, getting to move back to New York from her current Chicago residence would be one of many perks (in addition to the $100,000 salary ...).

"Plus-size girls are interested in fashion too, and we are often ignored in the mainstream industry," Gabi tells MTV News about her motivation to start Young, Fat and Fabulous. Since then, her blog has become a unique stop among the multitude of style blogs, and with a positive-body-image message to boot.

MTV, with the help of ZYNC from American Express, chose Gabi as one of the 20 social-media enthusiasts in the running for a job as MTV's very first TJ. Over the last six weeks, the candidates took part in challenges that tested everything from their skills at growing their Twitter followers to their ability to break an unsigned band.

Gabi finished the competition with the greatest number of Twitter followers -- 5,723 to be exact -- and gathered the most votes on the ZYNC by American Express Facebook hub. It's clear that once Gabi met a need that hadn't been addressed on the Internet, she gained the admiration and online following that comes with it.

But there's still one last round of challenges to go, and everyone's vote slate starts off clean. Join us August 8 for the live finale, which will take place in New York City.

The winner of the MTV TJ search will be chosen by you, so tune in to MTV or on August 8 at 10 p.m. ET to vote for your favorite candidate!