Busta Rhymes: Dream Team Is About 'Being Bigger Than Life'

'We haven't given that to the fans in a long time,' Bus says of Diddy-led supergroup that includes Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, Fabolous.

[artist id="1043"]Busta Rhymes[/artist] says the formation of the collection of artists known as "The Dream Team" is a dream come true for fans.

"It's been a long time since we've been able to see artists of this magnitude come together and rock with each other as a unified front," Busta explained on Saturday backstage at the Birthday Bash 15 concert held at Atlanta's Philips Arena. "For one reason or another, there's more beef than it is unity. So it's a great thing that dudes of this caliber, just artists in general, can come together and rock and support each other's movement. The Dream Team is pretty much that: We're here to support each other's movement."

When Busta does his roll call of the squad formerly known as [article id="1641997"]"The Supreme Team,"[/article] he name-checks Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, Fabolous, Red Café and Diddy. Of course DJ Khaled is down with the squad as well.

"Everybody that's been carefully handpicked to be a part of the Dream Team, it's because they have contributed a significant level of greatness to the hip-hop culture overall," Bus explained. "Not just being a dope MC or being a dope performer, you consist of all the elements that make you a package: You can perform, you got catalog, your bars is right. Your videos is right, your swag is right. Your willingness to be a part of something great that's bigger than you is at an all-time high and we can read that in your energy and your spirit.

"That's what makes it so special," he added. "Ross got Maybach Music, Diddy got Bad Boy. Fabolous got Street Fam. I got the Conglomerate now. [article id="1642126"]Nicki's got Young Money[/article], Red Café got Shakedown. Everybody's got their own movement. But in addition to that, we got a collective movement. It's about being bigger than life and allowing the fans to be a part of that. We haven't given that to the fans in a long time. We haven't given it to ourselves as artists in a long time. We been so busy beefing and poppin' off. Everybody is so paranoid to stand next to this dude, because they thinking the dude that got beef with him, might come after them. I think that's a real bitch perspective on life to have as a man. If you gotta move around like that, you don't have to be in the music. You're starting to set a precedent that's the wrong example for the artists coming in after you."

You can catch various members of the Dream Team collaborating on such records as Diddy's "Hello, Good Morning" remix and [article id="1640525"]DJ Khaled's remix of "All I Do Is Win."[/article]

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