Disproving My Theory, Soulja Boy Clarifies Dislike Of 'Braid'

Call me crazy, but when I saw the YouTube video featuring rapper Soulja Boy Tell'Em laughingly "reviewing" Xbox Live Arcade game "Braid," I didn't take offense the way many other fans of the game did. Sure, he called the game "stupid as hell," but it appeared to me that he was having fun, possibly despite himself.

So when I saw the interview tape we got back from our L.A. team's interview with him last week, I was disappointed that he responded to my submitted question about naming a game he doesn't like by calling out "Braid." For the record, the three games he said he thinks gamers should be excited about are: "Gears of War 2," "Saint's Row 2" and "Grand Theft Auto IV."

Soulja Boy fans and haters, brace yourself: there's one more post about the famous rapper coming to Multiplayer a little later today, a post that will greatly benefit from all of your feedback.

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