'Kong: Skull Island' Roared Its Way To Box Office Victory

Crushing deadly creatures *and* box office numbers like it's NBD

It's been a really, really great couple of weeks at the movies — especially for the smashing, slicing, dicing, bone-crushing kind, as Kong: Skull Island is picking up where Logan left off as far as adrenaline-pumping action goes at the box office.

The Tom Hiddleston and Brie Larson-led feature — which puts a Vietnam War-era spin on the classic monster story — brought in an impressive $61 million for its first weekend in theaters stateside.

As it made off with a solid $10+ million over the projected earnings for the film, this comes as good news for Warner Bros., and better news for fans who are into the idea of classic monsters making a comeback: The end of Skull Island sets us up for another pulse-racing adventure, this time with the most terrifying lizard of them all taking on the great gorilla in Kong vs. Godzilla.

We're not going to be seeing that showdown for quite some time as the release date is set for 2020 and the writers haven't started the script yet, but if Skull Island's debut shows for anything, it's that people are open to a fresh look at an old story.