Before They Were Famous: Adam Scott on 'Boy Meets World'

Before he was an Adult Child of Divorce, before he even knew how to park or recreate, and certainly before he was anyone's stepbrother, Adam Scott was a big ol' bully.

Actually, he just played one on TV. We're sure Scott's a totally nice dude. But before you knew him from any of his numerous roles, he had a four-episode arc as Griff Hawkins on teen sitcom "Boy Meets World."

"It's weird, Boy Meets World has kind of turned into a thing now," Scott told TV Line of the role. "At the time, it was on Friday nights at 8 p.m. So no one I knew even knew what it was. It was for kids. So it was a thrill to be on a TV show briefly, but it was not like I ever got recognized for it. If I had known then that in 20 years" the series would enjoy such a revival, "I probably would have been more psyched about it."

Scott's episodes aired in 1994 and 1995. Can we all marvel at the fact that the now 40-year-old Scott has maintained the same sass in his hair for two decades running?

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