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Nick Jonas And Angel Haze 'Numb' Us With New Collaboration: Listen Now

Now we can mourn our breakups with some angst.

Nick Jonas gave fans a special surprise at midnight (October 7). He and rapper Angel Haze graced us with "Numb," a track you can get just by pre-ordering his self-titled album.

The former Jonas Brother sings about heartbreak over a haunting, club-ready beat -- which, at times, is minimized to only his vocals, percussion and a scary, pulsing burp that serves as a melodic bass line. "You don't know what it is you do to me/ Yeah you stole my heart/ And all I have is a hole where it used to beat," he sings on the chorus.

Not only is Jonas excited about the release, but Haze is right there with him, singing the spooky track on Instagram.

Nick's album is out November 11.