Jet May Drop Fifth Single From 'Get Born' Before Fleeing To An Island

'Get Me Outta Here' has already been released in the U.K. and Australia.

LOS ANGELES -- An album that remains on the charts for months and produces numerous singles is said to have "legs," but with Jet's Get Born, the better term might be "wings."

While few rock albums these days go beyond two or three singles, Jet are already on their fourth -- "Look What You've Done" -- and are eyeing a fifth. That track, "Get Me Outta Here," has already been released as the fifth single in the U.K. and in Jet's home country of Australia.

"I hope it comes out here," drummer Chris Cester said at the American Music Awards last week. "I think that should have been our first single. Well, I love them all, so I don't really care."

With its upbeat, piano-driven melody and catchy chorus, "Get Me Outta Here" is reminiscent of "Cold Hard Bitch" and "Rollover D.J."

"To understand it, you would have to see my hometown," Cester said of the lyrics. "It's pretty self-explanatory, like our band, like our music, like everything that we sort of stand for."

Regardless of what's still in store for Get Born, Jet are already moving on, making plans for the follow-up (see [article id="1493469"]"Jet May Be Morbidly Obese By The Time Their Next Album Comes Out"[/article]).

"We're gonna go away for a while to an island, and we're gonna live in a mansion and have a little bit of fun with all the success that we've had this year and start writing another record," Cester said. "Actually, we've already started writing."

Jet plan to work again with producer Dave Sardy, whose credits include albums by System of a Down and Marilyn Manson, in Los Angeles.

"Look around, man -- whatever you want is here," Cester said. "If you want a certain guitar, like a '55, like an old Les Paul, you just snap your fingers and it's in your hands."

As for the direction of the new tunes, Cester said he's not sure himself where Jet are headed.

"For us, [recording] is one of those things where you just go in and do it and it has a life of its own," he said. "If you talk about it, you kind of already have an idea when you go in there, and then you've already started to shape it. I don't want to do that."

Cester did say the band wants to use more piano and is open to guest musicians.

"We had [famed session musician] Billy Preston play on our last record, and that was probably the highlight of my whole life," Cester said. "I don't know if you can top Billy Preston playing on your record, but we'll see."

Meanwhile, fans can check out Jet performing in London and traveling around Europe on the DVD "Family Style," which was released Tuesday.