Fifth Harmony And Pitbull's New Song Brings Usher's 'My Boo' Back From The Dead

Party like it's 2004

Fifth Harmony and Pitbull have teamed up for a sultry new song, "Por Favor," that'll give you a major flashback to middle-school dances. As the title suggests, the song is almost entirely sung in Spanish, but the chorus' melody sounds familiar to Usher and Alicia Keys's 2004 hit, "My Boo." You know, the song you once awkwardly slow-danced to. (According to Genius, both artists were given songwriting credits.)

Anyway, hopefully your moves have improved since then, because "Por Favor" will definitely convince you to hit the dance floor. Pitbull kicks the whole thing off with his signature "Mr. Worldwide" intro, while Lauren Jauregui and Ally Brooke Hernandez carry the chorus.

"He [Pitbull] had a song that he just thought was really dope for us and we fell in love with it, like, immediately," Jauregui told MTV News correspondent Meredith Graves about how "Por Favor" came to be. "We were like, yes, we have to record this!"

Dinah Jane Hansen even called it a "perfect collaboration" for the group, since Latin culture is part of Jauregui's and Hernandez's roots. "We used to sing some of our old records in Spanish," Hansen added. Fingers crossed that more Spanish songs are in the future!

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