7 Things We Need To See On The 'True Blood' Series Finale

Here's what we hope to see when 'True Blood' says its final 'Sookeh!'

Seven years, 198 plot lines, and one iconic white dress later, it's finally here -- "True Blood" is coming to an end.

Now, if we were the guessing type, we'd guess that the August 24 series finale, "Thank You," will largely focus on Sookie (Anna Paquin), Bill (Stephen Moyer), Eric (Alexander Skarsgard), and Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten), since prettttty much everybody else on the show has already experienced a happy-ish ending: Jessica is back with Hoyt, Jason is learning how to not have sex with everybody, Andy is set to marry/live in domestic bliss with Holly, Arlene and Lafayette have found love, Lettie Mae has found solace, and Sam got the hell out of dodge.

But some people still have menacing threats like Hep V and Sarah Newlin (sorry, "Noomi") to deal with, and here's what we hope to see with all of them:

1. Sookie's choice.



No, not that choice -- love-wise she's already picked Bill, so that matter is said and done, as long as he decides to live. What we want to see is Sookie choosing whether or not to become a vampire. The last couple of episodes have made it clear that Sookie will always be attracted to them, so it's a very natural conclusion for her character to reach to join the pack.

Though she is Hep V positive, so let's hope she takes a bite out of Sarah if/when she decides to take the plunge.

2. All the Pam and Eric they can possibly muster.

No offense to everyone else, but Pam and Eric have owned it this season. All of it. Their interactions have been a highlight throughout the entire series, so we really hope for a solid ending for them, hopefully one that finds them together forever and ever, wearing rad '80s clothing and hanging out with Ginger. (OOOH, could they turn Ginger?!)

3. A glorious death for Sarah Newlin.

True Blood finale

Girlfriend's got to go. Not before the cure gets out, of course, but she's committed so many egregious sins (i.e. genocide) that she fully deserves whatever glorious end Eric has planned for her.

4. A wise choice from Sam.

Sam -- I've heard rumors that you're making yet another big choice in this finale. Please don't do it. Please. Just stay in Chicago and be happy. Bon Temps is a miserable cesspool, your pregnant girlfriend is kind and beautiful, and you have literally no reason at all to go back there. Just stay.

5. Some change for Lafayette.

Speaking of people who should maybe find something else to do...

Oh, Lafayette. It's great that he's spent the last seven years putting literally everyone he knows before himself and all, but in the finale, I really hope he looks out for numero uno and tries to build a different, less violent life. Tara is out of the picture, Lettie Mae is relatively happy, and James is smokin' hot -- basically, he has all of the ingredients he needs to create a recipe for success. If anyone deserves a happy ending, it's this guy.

6. A wedding extravaganza



As we found out a few weeks back at Sookie's place (and at Terry's funeral last year), Bon Temps really knows how to throw an interesting, emotional gut-punch party. The scenes from Sookie's house party were some of this season's best, and a great way to get everyone together in the same episode without wandering off into multiple varying plot lines.

It could be Andy and Holly's wedding, Jessica and Hoyt's, or Sookie and Bill's -- same difference, minus the time of day in which it would occur if they do it outdoors -- and it really wouldn't matter, as long as they get everyone together one last time (and have a reception at Bellefleur's).

7. Bill saying "Sookeh!" a zillion more times.



We're going to miss it so, so much.

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