The Weeknd's 3 Tips Every Artist Should Know, According To 6lack

The Atlanta rapper shares what he learned on tour with The Weeknd

All rap shows are not created equal — for every raucous rodeo performance from Travis Scott there is a SoundCloud rapper performing over backing vocals. The ancient art of the live show is a mystic and lost one. Thankfully, 6lack witnessed what it takes to captivate arenas every night from one of the biggest artists in the world. In an interview with MTV News correspondent Gaby Wilson at Camp Flog Gnaw, 6lack revealed what he learned from The Weeknd after opening on the North American and Australian leg of his Starboy: Legend of the Fall tour.

“That tour taught me everything I need to know to go back on the road now,” the Atlanta rapper said. “I learned a lot. Now I get to actually put it into effect.” 6lack is currently embarking on the Free 6lack tour, which is his first tour headlining.

When asked what specifically he learned on tour, 6lack revealed three crucial components that make Abel successful night in and night out. “I watch the show every night. Every night he performed, I was out there watching. So more than anything it was just stage presence, crowd control, and consistency. To do the same thing every single night for a year, because he’s been touring like non-stop. That’s amazing to me.”

While every rapper won’t get the chance to open for The Weeknd, everyone should strive to develop the type of performance skills. So please, can the rapping over a backing track and having every member of your crew on stage at once please stop?

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