Taylor Swift is Rapping Again And You Won't Guess Which Song

Wanna ride?

We know Taylor Swift is a rap fan, and she's not afraid to a kick a few rhymes herself. We've seen her try her hand at tracks by favorites from Kendrick Lamar to Nicki Minaj to Eminem.

But who knew she was a Young Buck fan?

Apparently, she is.

While accepting her Shorty Award for Best Singer earlier this week, Taylor got all T-Swizzle on us.

“I did not understand what the honor was for," she said in a video acceptance. "Now, I understand it’s because you guys have been unbelievable on social media, and I’m really happy about that. My second thought, just for the record, was ‘shorty wanna ride wit me, ride wit me, we can get low!'”

That last part is quote Buck's 2004 hit "Shorty Wanna Ride."

As HipHop-N-More points out, in an interview with Vibe a few years ago, Taylor actually talked about passing by the G-Unit rapper's neighborhood from time-to-time years back (he's from Nashville, and she moved there as a teenager).

"I love hip-hop!" she told the mag. "The first [song] I memorized was ‘Fireman' by Lil Wayne. Ever since then... It’s Nicki Minaj, Wiz Khalifa, the Game. When I was in high school, my boyfriend and I would drive around and he’d always point to this neighborhood where Young Buck lived. We would drive by and look at his cars and be like 'Oh my gawwwwwd! Those cars are so coooool! I wonder if he’s in there!'”

Buck caught wind of the shoutout, and he's ready to get in the studio with the pop star.

"OK @50cent U RIGHT.....I AM #KindOfHotRightNow," Buck wrote on Instagram Thursday night. "SOMEBODY TAG #TaylorSwift AND TELL HER WE OWE #Tennessee A HIT RECORD TOGETHER!!"

"LOOKING FOR @taylorswift," he wrote in another post. "SHAWTY WANNA WORK WIT CHA."

Can the Taylor Swift and Young Buck collab happen, please?

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