The Chainsmokers Break The Laws Of Gravity In Their New ‘Paris’ Video

Strap on your parachute

The Chainsmokers have released their new video for "Paris," and while it doesn't take place in the city of the same name, it does feature some fantastical visuals that will probably trigger your fear of heights.

In the clip, the EDM duo wander through a nondescript suburb while a woman wanders through a house that doesn't feel quite right for some reason — probably because it's suspended like 800 feet in the air.

But unlike Carl in Up, she's not content to just hang out in the sky for the rest of her life, so she's got to make a choice: jump out of her own window and see what happens or probably starve to death because Seamless doesn't deliver by helicopter.

In the end, the choice is pretty clear.

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