Day26's Willie Taylor Apologizes To Fans For Nude Photos

'It is incredibly disturbing that someone [would] distribute these private moments to the world,' he says in a statement.

Willie Taylor of [artist id="3006111"]Day26[/artist] is the latest celebrity to have nude photos of himself leaked to the Web. On Wednesday (September 16), photos of Taylor popped up on the gossip Web sites.

Taylor sent out a statement saying that the pictures were private and meant solely for his spouse's viewing.

"It has been brought to my attention that private and personal photos of mine are currently circulating the web," Taylor said in the statement. "As a man that is barely home with his family, my wife and I share some intimate moments the best way that we can. It is incredibly disturbing that someone with bad intentions would illegally hack into my e-mail account and distribute these private moments to the world. I ask that everyone respect the privacy of my family. Also, I offer my sincere apologies to my fans."

Taylor's relationship with his wife and son and the toll his busy schedule takes on them was a subject of an episode of "Making the Band" last season. Taylor and his group are back in the lab working on a new LP.

Last month, MTV News talked to Fall Out Boy bassist [article id="1618517"]Pete Wentz, who had his own private photos hit the Web[/article], about how celebrities can cope with these scandals. When we spoke with him, [article id="1618458"]"Twilight" star Ashley Greene[/article] and [article id="1569166"]"High School Musical" actress Vanessa Hudgens[/article] were both dealing with their own recently leaked photos.

"Well, I handled it pretty terribly for the first 48 hours," Wentz said. "I mean, I quit my band and everything. But then what I realized is that it's not the worst thing on the planet that's ever gonna happen. [I] apologized to my mom, realized that the best way to not have pictures on the Internet is to never take the pictures at all, and then made fun of it."