23 Phrases That Let You Know You're Talking To A Basic Bro

If he was any more basic, he'd be your cable plan.

You're mid-conversation when you catch a whiff of the cheap cologne on his neck and the energy drink on his breath. Your suspicions are aroused, but you can't be quite certain. Maybe it's just a coincidence that he has frosted tips?

You remain open-minded...until he utters one of these telltale sentences that let you know that you are, in fact, in the presence of what is, like, definitely, a basic bro.

1. “My fantasy football team is crushing it.”

2. “In college, I did a really good speech on legalizing marijuana.”

3. “Who wants to play beer pong?”


4. “Joe Buck sucks.”

5. “My mom got me that sweet painting from Ikea.”

6. “I can’t. I have Crossfit tonight.”

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7. “Dude. Mila Kunis.”

8. “Have a seat. You can just move that laundry pile.”

9. “Am I supposed to tuck this shirt in?”


10. “Did you see that one 'South Park'?”

11. “I’m so broke right now because I just bought those new subwoofers.”

12. “If I ever propose to a chick, it'll be on a Jumbotron.”

13. "Fireball!"

14. “Jäger bombs!”


15. “If I don’t get a burrito, I’m literally gonna die.”

16. “I’m still hoping to get sponsored for snowboarding someday.”

17. “You're hot. What's your name?”

18. “Ah man. So tired. I pulled an all-nighter playing 'Grand Theft Auto.'”

19. “You’re taking my picture? Hang on. Let me put on my sunglasses.”

20. "My Kegerator is named Tony."

21. "I wish I had a tiger."

22. "No homo."

23. "Sup."

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