21 Savage Turns Up The Scary And Turns Down The Safety In Haunting 'Immortal'

Sharpen your scythes and grab your pitchforks!

Leave it to 21 Savage and his brutal brand of scythe-sharpening rap to give the world the perfect scary song this Halloween. Today (October 31), he released "Immortal," the perfect tune to haunt cornfields to. The world originally heard a snippet of it in the trailer for Mortal Kombat 11 that dropped last year. Now it's here to bring you some slow-building horror. You're just imagining those footsteps coming up the stairs right now as you read this.

21 Savage sets the mood early in "Immortal" by claiming that he "feel[s] like the Grim Reaper." Then the shink of swords swiping off of each other rings in the air, and the rapper gets to work over a creepy piano pattern and fast, tight bass drums. He raps about being immortal, like Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and other slasher villains who just can't seem to stay dead.

Rhymes about NC-17 rated violence give him a terrifying presence that would make Michael Myers spin his wheel of doom again to hopefully find a less scary target. We wouldn't blame you for sleeping with the light on after listening to this.

21 Savage recently appeared on the remix to Normani's "Motivation." Instead of a scary verse, the rapper opened up about how a new partner has him more in love than ever.

Listen to the extremely scary "Immortal" up above.