Tegan And Sara’s New Video Stars LGBTQ Artists As Prince, Bowie, And More Pop Icons

See their fun, empowering video for ‘Faint of Heart’

Tegan and Sara put a diverse, rainbow-coated spin on the Lip Sync Battle craze in their new video for “Faint of Heart,” which finds them ceding the spotlight to young LGBTQ artists.

The sisters tapped Tyler Ford, Ella Giselle, and more budding performers to lip-synch their synth pop ballad while dressed as iconic pop stars, including Prince, David Bowie, and Madonna. (Tegan and Sara even get their own mini-mes!) It’s fun, it’s empowering, and it’s an important reminder that representation matters.

The “Faint of Heart” video was shot by director Devon Kirkpatrick on June 13, the day after the mass shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando. In the wake of the tragedy, the video felt even more emotional and vital, the sisters told Teen Vogue.

“There was something very personal about this tragedy and that was undoubtably on our minds as we arrived on set,” Tegan Quinn said, adding, “First and foremost we just hope it reaches LGBTQ people and makes them feel realized. Some of the themes of the video — mentorship, finding community, expression, bravery — are things you see so many LGBTQ youth actively pursuing in order to thrive. We need to be strong against a lot of hate in this world.”

Tegan and Sara have previously said they plan to make videos for every single song off of their latest album, Love You to Death. This one marks their fifth, meaning they’re halfway there — and they continue to set the bar sky-high.

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