Watch Zedd Do His Best Selena Gomez Impression On The Set Of 'I Want You To Know'

Plus, go with us behind the scenes of the brand-new video!

If you're anything like me, then you probably turned your bedroom into a dance floor last night after watching Zedd's brand-new video for "I Want You To Know."

The EDM producer teamed up with Selena Gomez to bring their club-ready track to life. While the two never actually meet up in the fictional club, Zedd does watch Selena from afar as she busts out some serious moves, rocks some amazing wardrobe pieces and kisses her own reflection in the mirror.

We can tell Zedd and Selena weren't just having fun onscreen, because the two stars seemed to be having a blast when MTV News got a behind-the-scenes peek during filming of the Anthony Chirco-directed clip.


"What makes Selena different from a lot of other artists is that she takes directions, and to me that's really important," Zedd explained to us. "As a producer, I like to be there when the vocals get recorded and I need the singer to listen to what I say and bring the emotion that I want. And she was really, really great with that."


Zedd added that he just wanted to make "great music" when creating "I Want You To Know." And he actually learned a thing or two while working with Gomez, who told us that the producer is now the "first person" she goes to after she's recorded a song.


The dance music producer seemed equally impressed with Selena, adding that, "She's extremely talented with dealing and being in the press all the time and being everywhere and not being bothered by that. I find it extremely inspiring. To see that you can kind of shut off and do your thing and not be bothered by other people."


With all that time in the studio and on set, Zedd also picked up on some personal tidbits about the singer, including the fact that she apparently "never picks up her phone." What's more, he can do a pretty mean impression of her now too!


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