Why Did Fabolous Put Cuffing Season On Hold? Ebola, That's Why

Loso's P.S.A.

Cuffing season is that time of year when the summer fun is done and men and women start forming more committed relationships during the cold winter months. Brooklyn rapper Fabolous is an expert on this time of year, and laid out the do's and don'ts on his 2013 single "Cuffin' Season."

While the change of weather may lead us to the arms of our significant other, the Brooklyn MC has informed MTV News exclusively that cuffing season will be delayed in 2014.

"I don't know, the cuffing season might've been a little pushed back, might be a little delayed, the Ebola season is out here. Sh-- is real, so I don't know if I want to touch no ladies yet," Fab told us on Thursday night (October 16) after he performed at the Def Jam 30th anniversary concert at Brooklyn, New York's Barclays Center.

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The Ebola disease has everyone in the country on alert and has garnered 'round the clock news coverage over the past few weeks. Loso is ready to take the proper precautions.

"Ladies be traveling a little bit; you gotta push the cuffing season back a month or two, let the vaccine settle in and then we'll see about cuffing," he said.

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Fab realizes that he may be breaking protocol with his public service announcement and that his impromptu speech may be more suited for the president, but he's only interested in public safety.

"It's a pause on the cuffing season. I'ma say say first, Obama will probably let you know in another day or so," he informed. "Hold back on your cuffing season, it's Ebola season and we'll get back to cuffing season after."

And there you have it.