Whovians, Rejoice! There May Soon Be Another Way To Get Your BBC Fix


Let's face it: British TV is just great. But unless you have BBC America or want to cough up the dough for a season pass on iTunes (or have no qualms against piracy), you're often stuck rewatching the same old episodes of "Doctor Who" and "Sherlock" on Netflix.

Enough is enough, America. It's time we had complete access to British television.

Well, Whovians, this one's for you. The BBC is reportedly planning a Netflix-style streaming service in the U.S. set to launch as early as 2016!



"We're launching a new over-the-top video service in America offering BBC fans programs they wouldn't otherwise get," Tony Hall, director of programming at BBC, said in a speech on Thursday. If the show's we're not getting are anything like the shows we are getting, bring 'em on!

And fear not, Netflix devotees. You'll still be able to get your programs from across the pond there. The new BBC service is not designed to compete with already existing platforms carrying BBC shows. (Commence BBC binging.)

The company has tried a similar service in the past, however, which was largely unsuccessful.

"The BBC trialled an international version of its iPlayer service in a number of countries for four years," TV analyst Michael Underhill told BBC. "That was either a long experiment, or a flop. My hunch is, I don't see that future existing."



What a roller coaster of emotion! Will it happen? Will it flop? What programs isn't the U.S. getting? Get it together, BBC. This news has got us like:



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