Shakira Made Sure Her 'Zootopia' Character Had All The Right Curves

The original designs for Gazelle were just too skinny.

Shakira is about to make her animated film debut in Disney’s Zootopia, but she only wanted to lend her voice to the feature if her character had enough curves.

In a new interview with E!, the 39-year-old singer revealed that the original design for her character Gazelle — a pop star based on Shakira — was just too skinny.

"There's a lot of aspects of her anatomy that needed to look a little more like me,” said Shakira. “That's when I suggested to them to give her a little more meat, because she was a bit too skinny. She was too fit. She needed to be curvier."

Disney / YouTube


So Disney’s animators made Gazelle a little truer to life, giving her wavy hair, dark eyelashes, and Shakira’s famous hips. "I even gave them the idea to make her wear one of the outfits that I wore in one of my performances,” she said.

Shakira contributed a new song called “Try Everything” to the Zootopia soundtrack. A new trailer shows her working the crowd at a stadium concert surrounded by super buff tiger dancers; watch it below.

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