Coko Breaks Down SWV Break-Up

Former SWV member Coko will release her debut solo project, "Hot Coko," on August 10, marking her first project since the group quietly broke-up last year.

While recently speaking with the MTV Radio Network, Coko said that although she was actually offered a solo deal before the trio's demise, the break-up was inevitable.

"SWV were going through some changes," Coko said. "You know, we had communications problems. The unity was gone and the friendship was gone, basically. That's the whole thing in a nutshell. It was either we were gonna get it together or we weren't. And we couldn't get it together, so we had to go. And that was it."

As for the other members of SWV, Coko is still in touch with Taj, who is currently modeling for the Ford Agency, but she has not heard from Lelee, who started her own music management company.

Meanwhile, Coko's first single, "Sunshine," was produced by Rodney Jerkins, who co-wrote several songs for the album with her. Other guests on "Hot

Coko" include Tyrese and Eve of the Ruff Ryders camp.

A SWV greatest hits package is also in the works, and should arrive in stores later this year.

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