Beyonce Salutes Jay-Z On Destiny's Child Track 'Soldier'

Song is slated to be second single from Destiny Fulfilled.

BEVERLY HILLS, California -- Beyoncé is finally copping to her relationship with Jay-Z.

In "Soldier," which is set to be the second single from Destiny's Child's upcoming Destiny Fulfilled, Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams each describe their special man. And while Jay-Z's name is never mentioned, Beyoncé's descriptions (like being from "the BK," as in Brooklyn) make it clear he's the one.

"If you don't know what we're talking about, then something is wrong," Williams said.

"It spells it out pretty clearly," added Rich Harrison, who produced the track.

"Soldier," which will follow on the heels of "Lose My Breath" (see [article id="1492003"]"Beyonce Healing Fast Thanks To Serena Williams"[/article]), is a favorite among the Destiny's Child ladies.

" 'Soldier' is basically talking about what you want is a soldier that is going to stand up for you," Rowland said. "A man that is just about it, you know what I mean? And we actually really get into detail about the kind of men that we like, whether he's from the East Coast or the West Coast or the South side with gold grills. ... I know everybody's got a little preference, and Destiny's Child, we want a soldier."

The track features T.I. and Lil' Wayne, the only guest appearances on Destiny Fulfilled, due November 16.

"It has this Southern feel, so it was almost natural to get those guys on the song," Beyoncé said. "And we're fans."

"Soldier," like the rest of the album, was co-written by Destiny's Child.

"We really challenged ourselves, even with the arrangements," Beyoncé said. "They're different and they don't really sound like any other group. It sounds kind of like ['70s gospel/R&B sisters] the Emotions back in the day. We took that with a little bit of Jodeci, with a little bit of SWV and created a whole new sound."

With Beyoncé filming "The Pink Panther" this summer (see [article id="1485971"]"Beyonce To Star Opposite Steve Martin In 'Pink Panther' "[/article]), the ladies had only three weeks together to record. Fortunately, they moved fast.

"The chemistry was there right away," Beyoncé said. "It was so refreshing to be in the room with two other talented people. And it was a collaboration. The pressure wasn't so much on us individually -- we could just work together and collaborate, which was really nice."

Having each done a solo album (two for Williams), the ladies were also noticeably more comfortable in the studio.

"We all realized how strong we all are individually, strong mentally and emotionally, and [we were] discovering things that you didn't think that you could do," Williams said. "That's what we needed."

As for the title, Destiny Fulfilled, the group felt it was perfect the first time someone tossed it out there.

"I don't know if we could have named the record anything else," Williams said. "What would we have named it? Something about love? I don't know. Things have happened for us beyond what we could have ever thought, beyond what we could have ever dreamed. Beyoncé's wish was just to go gold. And Destiny's Child has been blessed to surpass that by far."

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