'Harry Potter' Theme Park To Serve Butterbeer With Pub Fare

Wizarding World's Three Broomsticks restaurant will offer fish and chips, chocolate-berry trifle and more.

Universal Orlando's [article id="1634655"]Wizarding World of Harry Potter[/article], which has its grand opening June 18, is going to allow its guests to immerse themselves fully in the world of J.K. Rowling's books. That attention to detail is extending to the Three Broomsticks restaurant, which will serve up authentic British fare and butterbeer.

The park's head chef, Stephen Jayson, has carefully crafted a menu that includes Rotisserie-smoked chicken, chargrilled ribs and turkey legs, as well as British pub staples like fish and chips, shepherd's pie and Cornish pasties. Those craving a healthier meal can grab some potato leek soup, split pea and ham soup or salad.

"Potter" fans might be even more excited by the drinks available at the Hog's Head Pub, which adjoins the restaurant. MTV News had its long-awaited first taste of J.K. Rowling-approved butterbeer, and the drink did in fact taste like both shortbread cookies and butterscotch. And thanks to a two-part pouring process, the non-alcoholic beverage managed to stay foamy the entire way down. Richard Florell, Universal's senior vice president in charge of food and beverages, called it "magic."

A frozen version of butterbeer will also be for sale in the park, as will a quite tasty pumpkin juice. While the Hog's Head will not sell firewhiskey (though prop bottles are behind the bar), it will pour a Scottish ale called Hog's Head Brew.

Jayson and Florell led a marked effort to make the food healthy. Many of the meals are served with a side of salad, roasted vegetables, corn on the cob or potatoes (though French fries are also available). And the portions of food on the children's menu -- which offers chicken fingers, macaroni and cheese, fish and chips, and a turkey leg -- have all been sized to come in at under 300 calories.

The "Great Feast," which is available to parties larger than four people, allows guests to share trays of rotisserie chicken, ribs, roasted vegetables and potatoes, as well as corn on the cob.

Desserts on the Three Broomsticks menu include strawberry peanut butter ice cream, deep-dish apple pie and chocolate-berry trifle. When asked if these dishes had actually appeared in the books, Florell produced a heavily annotated stack of "Harry Potter" novels and asked whether his questioner wanted to see the exact pages mentioning the dishes.

Jayson also presented some of the treats that will be sold at Honeydukes, the park's sweets shop. The offerings included chocolate-y cauldron cakes, scones, pumpkin tarts, rock cakes and treacle fudge.

Which Harry Potter-themed food are you most excited to try? Are you planning to go to Wizarding World? Tell us what you think below!