8 Ways For A Guy To Be More Attractive -- No Gym Membership Required

Boost your chances with these no-brainer changes.

Girls: they’re pretty, they smell good and they seem like a lot of fun to be around. But you've convinced yourself that you have no hope with them because you’re a long way from owning a sports car and you don’t foresee yourself becoming a firefighter any time soon.

Fear not, being attractive isn't just about the superficial stuff -- and it may be even easier than entering a cheat code on "Assassin's Creed." Here are some (almost) effortless ways to step it up.

Trim any wayward facial hairs


Grab a mirror and take a quick look at your face. Is there an eyebrow hair that's somehow growing perpendicular to the rest, or one random hair growing in an otherwise smooth part of your neck? Tweeze it. Do you have a nose hair that's extending down toward your upper lip? Trim it.

No one is expecting you to submit to a long and painful beauty regimen, but if you have some obviously wonky hairs on your face, they're a distraction from how you actually look. Invest in a $12 trimmer and the 30 seconds it takes to use it.

Pet more dogs


The key to appearing hotter to women may lie in receiving sloppy kisses from a dude with bad breath. It's no coincidence that the Instagram Hot Dudes With Dogs has almost 200,000 followers; one survey from the U.K. even found that 20% of women said men instantly become more attractive by having a dog.

Not ready to adopt your own furry friend just yet? You can still make pals with the mutts you see at the dog park, or ask a stranger if you can say hi to theirs.

Stop saying the "b" word


This one is more than just unattractive -- it's demeaning and it's offensive. It's also all over popular culture, so it's understandable that you picked it up, but drop it like it's hot and you'll be 10 times hotter.

LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN (and laugh at her jokes)


Everybody likes to be around people who make them feel good about themselves. Laughing at something a woman said instantly boosts her confidence, and shows that you care about what she's saying. Speaking of which...

Put your phone away when you two are hanging out


It's normal to feel a little shy around someone you think is cute, but don't let your phone be a crutch to help deal with social anxiety. The score on that basketball game (or whatever else you're checking) is never, ever going to make out with you. Staring at your phone will cause her to silently roll her eyes and think, "Ugh. My eyes are up here."

Wear a shirt that actually fits


A skintight muscle tee isn't for everyone, but swimming around in a jersey that's big enough to fit two NFL players isn't doing you any favors either. Make sure your clothing is snug enough for her to get confirmation that a human body indeed lies beneath it.

Read a book


Earlier this year, the Instagram account Hot Dudes Reading became a sensation for the obvious reason that girls love a dude who regularly exercises his most important muscle. Cracking a book suggests that you have interests and an attention span -- which, in the digital age of tablets and Twitter feeds, imbues you with an old-fashioned charm that is practically akin to wearing a three-piece suit.

Posture matters


Turns out your mom was right (yet again) when she kept hassling you about this. Studies have found that good posture can help boost your confidence, and there are few things that women find as attractive as confidence. Good posture has also been linked to bravery, so roll those shoulders back, take a breath and ask her out already.

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