Drake Proclaims 'I'm A Proud Young Jewish Boy' On 'HYFR' Set

Cash Money videographer Derrick G. catches up with Drake during his re-Bar Mitzvah.

"Money just changed everything." Those are the words that opened Drake's Thank Me Later album.

Hell yeah, it changed everything. Just look at Drizzy's recently released "HYFR" video as an example. In the Director X-helmed clip, Drake stages a second Bar Mitzvah to re-establish his commitment to the Jewish faith.

"I'm proud, a proud young Jewish boy. When I had a Bar Mitzvah back in the day, my mom really didn't have that much money. We kinda just did it in the basement of an Italian restaurant, which I guess is kinda like a faux pas," Drake told Cash Money videographer Derrick G on the video's Miami set. "I told myself that if I ever got rich, I'd throw myself a re-Bar Mitzvah. That's the concept for the video."

Drake dropped some childhood party footage at the top of the "HYFR" video, and while it looked like a good time, we're sure it paled in comparison to his adult Bar Mitzvah, which features Lil Wayne, DJ Khaled, Birdman and Trey Songz.

The behind-the-scenes documentary shows the Toronto MC interacting with his YMCMB family and his real-life family. "I have some of my mother's friends, some of my friends," he said to the camera, gesturing toward Birdman and Khaled, who were seated in the Miami synagogue. "Stunna Man and Khaled had to come and show their support. I learned my Torah portions; they had to come hear me read it."

The set-visit video is filled with a ton of fun moments, but none more thrilling than when Lil Wayne performs his verse from the song. Weezy, who starts off in a suit and ski mask, begins to peel back his wardrobe with each passing rhyme until he is in a Truk Fit T-shirt, banging his skateboard across a banquet table. Birdman Jr. is clearly the life of the party.

"Maybe in the world, there might be somebody crazier and more energetic and more talented, but I don't know where the f--- they're at," Drake said. "This guy gets on the camera every single time and kills that sh--. That's why he's Lil Wayne."

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