My Chemical Romance Explain Why They're Not Into 'Twilight'

Recently, My Chemical Romance became probably the first band in history to proclaim they wanted nothing to do with the upcoming "Twilight" sequel, "New Moon." (Are you listening, every other celebrity in the universe?)

Turns out, they're rather choosy when it comes to just which films get their music. Moody adaptations of classic Alan Moore graphic novels = yes. Everything else = no.

"We're very choosy," frontman Gerard Way told MTV News. "There was a few films that we didn't do the song for, because it didn't fit. I guess a lot of people would say that a vampire movie would fit, but I would disagree with that these days. Even since Black Parade, I would kind of disagree with that. I don't know that we'd be interested in that."

But the other reason they're not interested in having one of their songs featured in "Moon" has less to do with their artistic proclivities and more to do with the fact that none of them has ever read any books in the "Twilight" series.

"None of us has read that," guitarist Frank Iero said. "It's not something we'd be huge fans of, so we wouldn't be interested in it."

Not everyone in the MCR camp is clueless about the "Twilight" phenomenon, however.

"My wife has read it," guitarist Ray Toro laughed.

And even if they've never cracked a single volume, that doesn't mean that the guys in My Chem haven't formed some opinions about the series ... for better or worse.

"I kind of think it's the next thing that these kids who read 'Harry Potter' [are into]," Way said. "They're in their teen years, so there's probably sexual undercurrents in it and ... I get why it's a big thing. Like 'The Crow' was really big when we were in high school. It reminds me of the next 'Crow' in a way."

Is "Twilight" the next "Crow"? Would you like to persuade MCR to reconsider their boycott of the franchise? Sound off!