Jesse Camp Has Returned To MTV

Get an update on the man who won the legendary 'Wanna be a VJ' contest.

Reporting by Cory Midgarden

Back in 1998, MTV set out to find someone new to join its video jockey family -- and Jesse Camp, the ever-so-quirky rock music enthusiast, beat out roughly 25,000 candidates and emerged as the victor of the unforgettable "Wanna be a VJ" contest (watch his win below).

Now, nearly two decades since that life-changing moment, the man with the truly unique 'do and a penchant for wearing glam bell-bottoms is returning to the place that launched him into the spotlight. Jesse -- who made countless "Total Request Live" appearances along then-host Carson Daly and starred on other programs across the channel -- can now be seen every Thursday on MTV's Snapchat Discover in a segment called "TBTRL," where viewers can see clips of musicians from back in the day. For example, Destiny's Child promoting their latest effort -- while donning coordinating blue outfits and cowboy hats.

But what else has Jesse been up to since we last saw him on MTV back in 2008? Check out our Q&A with him below -- and watch "TBTRL" here!

What have you been up to since hosting "TRL"?

After pursuing careers in off-track betting, psychic-call dispatch, tote-bag design and a four-year term as mayor of Arsenio, IN, I am back to doing what I love best: making music (solo and with cool side projects like Green Denim) and making an amazing new TV show "Born To Rock and Roll" with my creative partner and sister Marisha Camp with guest appearances from Miley Cyrus and Wayne Coyne to Korn to Dr. Funkenstein himself, George Clinton.

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Where are you currently living?

In a perpetual state of bliss, if medicated correctly! Just kidding -- I spend half the time in LA and half in Brooklyn with a lot of traveling in between!

Who are your current favorite pop stars?

I love Grimes, Miley of course, The Struts and I'm actually really into Justin Bieber's new album! Jason Derulo with shirt is great but as soon as the shirt comes off -- there's nothing I wouldn't do to get up next to...THE SPEAKERS!

How does it feel to be back with MTV?

MTV gave me my start back when I was a young 18-year-old, and anytime the mothership comes down to pick me up, there's nowhere I'd rather be! Seriously, I owe everything to MTV and am honored to still be in the family.

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