The Ultimate Cover-Up: Will Audrey Be Able To Keep Her Sinister Secret On 'Scream'?

We 'all' know what she did last summer

As the old saying goes, karma's a bitch. Especially if you helped a psychopath plan and execute a murder spree.

After the Season 1 finale of Scream, we knew Audrey had committed the cardinal sin of somehow assisting Piper with the Lakewood massacre -- burning a mountain of evidence usually means "guilty" -- but apparently we're not the only ones. Just last week, Ms. Jensen got a phone call from someone with intimate knowledge of her indiscretions.

"Hey, Killer," the dude said before threatening to expose her. That's not all: She later received a text that read, "I know what you did last summer" and then found a bathroom stall plastered with photocopies of the letters she'd exchanged with Piper.

Now, on tonight's episode, Audrey's charade came even closer to being revealed -- this time, by way of her very own BFF. Noah, still so obsessed with the Lakewood slayings that he took over Piper's podcast and changed its name to "The Morgue," began investigating his theory that the original killer had a partner-in-crime. His probe eventually led him to Eddie, a clerk at the Crescent Palms -- aka the motel where Piper stayed.

"This Eddie guy claims he actually saw Piper's accomplice in the flesh," Noah told his wayward bestie. "He's saving his big 'accomplice identity reveal' for my podcast."

*Cue Audrey looking like a deer in headlights*

But did Eddie really see the Big A at the motel? Sure sounded like it.

"[Piper] was here all the time -- usually alone, but once I saw her arguing with a girl," he told Noah during a pre-podcast discussion. Eddie's "big reveal" was eventually thwarted by Audrey -- that was sneaky, sister -- but not before he offered an interesting tidbit that Noah later passed on to Miss Jensen.

"Eddie told me about this storage unit that the motel owns where they keep all the crap guests leave behind," Noah shared. "He thinks there's stuff in there that might belong to Piper. I arranged to check it out first thing in the morning."

*Cue Audrey looking like a deer in headlights. Again*

Thisclose to almost being exposed for the umpteenth time, Audrey decided to beat Noah to the punch: That night, she broke into the storage unit -- but didn't find evidence of her association with Piper. Instead, she discovered something rather unexpected: Jake's disemboweled body (anyone else get déjà vu of Sheriff Hudson?). Pinned to his shirt: individual snippets of paper that read, "See how I finished the job for you, Audrey?"

*Cue Audrey looking like a deer in headlights again -- and running for dear life*

So tell us: Can Audrey continue concealing her secret when both a brand-new psycho -- and her own friend Noah -- are intent on uncovering it? Will she have to tamper with crime-scene evidence to hide the truth this time? And who do you think will be the killer's next victim? Share your theories, then get ready for answers next week at 11/10c!

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