Amy Adams Reveals What It's Like To Play A 'Feminist Hero'

Adams explains why her 'Big Eyes' character was a big deal.

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

In the new Tim Burton film "Big Eyes," Amy Adams plays Margaret Keane, a real-life artist whose work was hijacked by her husband, who became famous for her paintings of large-eyed children. Kease eventually fought back -- a huge move in the 1950s -- but does that make her a "feminist hero?" Adams says the answer to that loaded question isn't necessarily black and white.

"I don't think she would see herself like that, and so I have a hard time calling her that," Adams told MTV News. "I think that she made the choices that she had to make in order to claim herself."

However, Adams went on to clarify that just because Keane doesn't see herself as a feminist, doesn't mean that Adams herself (or the film's audience) won't see her that way.

"But I mean, she absolutely is a feminist hero," Adams continued. "To me she is, but I don't know that she would claim herself that way. But to be able to -- even with a quiet voice, and with fear -- to stand up and say, 'This is wrong, I did this.' She took responsibility, which I love about it. She was never like, 'This was done to me.' She's like, 'I participated, but the work is mine, and I want my name back.' It was never about money."

"Big Eyes" hits theaters on December 25.