Miley Cyrus’ TV Brother Is A ‘Steampunk Badass’ In New Disney Supernatural Thriller

Jason Earles of ‘Hannah Montana’ fame stars in the new short film ‘Arcanum’

Jason Earles kept Disney audiences in stitches as loveable Hannah Montana goofball Jackson Stewart, who made us slightly afraid of chocolate bunnies. After a five-year stint on the Miley Cyrus show — not to mention a four-year run on Kickin' It — Earles has returned to Disney in a new "supernatural kick-ass action thriller."

As part of Disney Channel's recently launched "Free Period" short film block, Earles appears in Arcanum alongside his Kickin' It co-star Leo Howard. Earles teased the film's release on Disney Channel's YouTube channel days leading up to it, referring to himself as a "steampunk badass."

The story follows Jacob (Howard) as he battles against a mystical knight and a shady librarian (Louis Mandylor) to get a magical stone that'll help save the world. Earles plays Solomon, who shows up near the end to help fight the good fight against an ancient evil.

Earles confessed that if the short gets enough social interaction, there's potential for it to become a TV series or a Disney Channel Original Movie — which is kind of needed, since the film is extremely open-ended. As one YouTuber said, "Come on I need more than this. Right when I got really into the story, it's over." Same.

Watch the full short above.

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