'Iron Man 2' Director Jon Favreau Explains Ending's 'Added Action'

'We built upon the ending,' he says of post-production 'Iron Man 2' tweaks.

Lots of movies have strong beginnings, then get bad fast. Other films can be mediocre most of the time, only to have the third act redeem them. It's an inarguable point that the endnote of a film is the most important part -- and that's why film fans are somewhat obsessed with the pitch-perfect conclusions of flicks like "Citizen Kane," "The Sixth Sense" or "Se7en."

Now, after years of waiting, fans are about to finally feast their eyes on "Iron Man 2." And unlike many filmmakers, franchise director [article id="1638441"]Jon Favreau is very confident[/article] in his final cut being the right one and insists that he never had any other ending in mind -- although some minor tweaks did help make it just right.

"We did add some action to the end of the film. The ending did have less," he conceded. "But we built upon the ending."

While we'd never dream of giving away the movie's conclusion (the post-conclusion conclusion, however, is a different story), it's safe to say that the ending involves Mickey Rourke's villainous character, a lot of action and a very clearly defined resolution. And Favreau told us those plans were clear from the beginning.

"I don't know if it was something that would have been [shot as an alternate ending], because this was all in the digital realm anyway," Favreau said of his tweaks, explaining that the actors weren't necessary for them. "So it's not like we would have shot something differently than what we shot."

Staying vague but not shying away from the question, Favs gave us an idea of what he was manipulating: "The nature of what happens in the final battle," he said. "With War Machine, Iron Man and the drones and then what happens after that.

"Decisions were made downstream in post-production, as we worked on the special effects at the end," he said.

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