Phish Regroup For Springfield Gig — On 'Simpsons'

Band-on-a-breather gets animated.

It's the news Phish fans have been waiting for — the band will end its self-imposed hiatus with a show in Springfield. It's anyone's guess as to which state will be overrun by the improv icons' tie-dyed and Birkenstock'd legions, however.

Phish will make an appearance in the unknown state "The Simpsons" call home in an episode of the animated series scheduled for broadcast April 7, according to a Fox spokesperson. The group will perform "Run Like an Antelope" off 1991's Lawn Boy as well as a few bars of the "Simpsons" theme at a rally to decriminalize marijuana for medicinal purposes.

The rally comes at the end of an episode wherein Homer gets a pot prescription to ease his pain after being attacked by a "swarm of crows," the spokesperson said. Unlike Afroman, however, Homer J's career actually improves "because he got high" — his boss at the nuclear power plant, Mr. Burns, promotes him for finding humor in the old codger's jokes where, when sober, there was none.

Neighbor Ned Flanders opposes Springfield's pro-pot stance, leads the charge to re-criminalize the potent plant and holds a public vote, which prompts the rally. Much to the chagrin of Phish, some stoney Springfieldians and millions of viewers watching at home, the polls will fall in Flanders' favor by the time the band takes the stage.

The real-life Phish have been taking a collective breather since October 2000 (see [article id="1433163"]"After 17 Years, Phish Takes A Break"[/article]).

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