Did This ‘Seinfeld’ Star Really Give Taylor Swift Her Big Break?

It all started with a cheesy Brad Paisley video.

Swifties, when you offer up your daily #blessings for the miracle that is Taylor Swift, there are a lot of people who you probably thank. There’s Mama Swift, whoM Tay says has been a constant source of inspiration for her (and also birthed her unto the world). Then there’s Scott Borchetta of Big Machine Records, who gave Taylor her first big break. But there’s one person who you’ve probably (but wrongfully!) kept off your list: “Seinfeld’s” Jason Alexander.


Following a karaoke charity event in Los Angeles this week — where he apparently serenaded the crowd with a Taylor song — Alexander caught up with TMZ and reminisced about a music video he starred in and directed in 2007. The video was for Brad Paisley’s “Online,” and it featured a then-17-year-old Taylor as a backup dancer.

“Not only am I a Swift fan, I put her in her first video,” Alexander told TMZ, mentioning the vintage clip. “There are two young ladies on stage with [Paisley]. One of them is Kellie Pickler. The other one, an underage Taylor Swift.”



Asked if he, then, is to thank for Tay’s subsequent worldwide fame, Alexander joked, “Yeah, it’s all me. I don’t have to take credit. I have the credit!”

How very George Costanza of him.

Alexander is joking, of course — after all, Taylor already had a debut album under her belt in 2007. But it’s still fun to revisit the vintage video because this clip’s got it all: an aqua-colored iBook, Myspace, and William Shatner. And, of course, Taylor in all her curly-haired glory, busting out some predictably sassy moves.



Check out the full video below, as well as another live performance of the song where Taylor and Pickler reprise their backup dancing roles.