Britney's Quickie Hubby Described As A Good Kid Who Likes To Party

Jason Allen Alexander also an aspiring football player.

Britney Spears has at least one thing in common with her short-term husband Jason Allen Alexander. They were both driven to pursue high-profile careers.

Alexander, whose dad is a mechanic in Britney's tiny hometown of Kentwood, Louisiana (population 2,600), always wanted to be a professional football player. In high school, he pursued his dream as a star player at the Amite, Louisiana, private school Oak Forest Academy, which is known for its football program. Alexander graduated in 2000 and attended Southwest Mississippi Community College, where he played fullback and linebacker.

"He was a decent-looking guy -- a bodybuilder type," said head coach Don Green, who recruited Alexander for the team. "He was a good football player, but he wasn't an LSU guy."

Not that he didn't try. After two years at Southwest Mississippi, Alexander tried out at Louisiana State University as a walk on, but he didn't make the team, Green said. Disappointed, Alexander went to Southeastern Louisiana University, where the 22-year-old is currently a junior. "He never actually played anywhere since he was here," Green said.

Alexander's former coach described him as a quiet guy and a good kid who liked to party but was responsible. "He didn't do anything crazy or outlandish, and he never missed anything as far as football was concerned," Green said. Before he married Spears, Alexander told friends he hoped to return to play football for Southeastern Louisiana.

Alexander has said that his family became friends with the Spears clan via a kindergarten preschool that Britney's mom used to own. Though Alexander and Spears attended different schools most of their lives, they've hung out through the years. In addition, Britney's cousin and best friend, Laura Lynne Covington, attended Oak Forest Academy and would often socialize with Alexander.

When he was on the Southwest Mississippi team, Alexander would see Spears at area parties. "He said they knew each other as friends, but I never really believed it," Green said, laughing. "I was blown away when I heard they'd gotten married."

On several occasions, Britney has met Alexander at Extra Innings Grill, a bar near Alexander's school that's one of his regular hangouts. But Alexander doesn't brag about his association with the pop superstar. "It was never a big deal to him," said Extra Innings' head bouncer, Chris Gautier.

Alexander has developed a reputation at the bar for sometimes partying a little too hard. He has drunkenly danced on tables and gotten into loud arguments with other patrons and needed to be calmed down, Gautier said. On October 25 he was arrested for battery and disturbing the peace after getting into a fight with another patron who bought his ex-girlfriend a drink.

"He has a short fuse and a bad temper," admitted Gautier. "Some people might look at him to be a jackass, but he's not a troublemaker. He's a funny, likeable guy."

None of Alexander's family members wanted to comment. Many of his friends also did not return calls.

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