Paul Rudd Goes To Work In This Exclusive Clip From Marvel's 'Ant-Man'

Marvel's tiniest hero gets a tiny bit of good news.

No matter how bad things are, it could always be worse — and even then, there's always a silver lining just waiting for you to find it.

Don't believe me? Ask Scott Lang, the hero at the heart of Marvel's "Ant-Man." Scott is an ex-con with a masters in electrical engineering who just got out of prison about… oh, five minutes ago? So, yeah, on second thought, maybe don't ask him about silver linings just yet. Give him a minute.

Let's ask Scott's former cell mate Luis instead. His girlfriend recently left him, his mom just died, and his dad got deported — but at least he has a van!

Marvel Studios


Yeah, well, it's the little things in life.

Anyway! Leave it to Luis to shine some light on an otherwise bleak situation for Marvel's newest hero, played by Paul Rudd. The brand new clip that debuted during the MTV Fandom Awards shows off the heart and humor Marvel's newest superhero flick wears all over both of its sleeves at all times. It also shows off Luis, played by Michael Peña, easily the secret weapon of the movie. Don't believe me? Just wait until "Ant-Man" arrives on July 17.

Oh, and I almost forgot about the silver linings in Scott's life. Well, he's fresh out of prison, needs to pull in money to support his estranged daughter, and doesn't have too many job prospects despite his booming background in mechanics… but by the end of the clip, he finds work. It's not a van, but a job's a job!

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