How To Temporarily Dye Your Hair Purple For Spirit Day (In GIFs!)

Tomorrow is Spirit Day, which means millions of people will wear purple to "stand against bullying and to show their support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) youth." But–real talk–not all of us have a closet brimming with purple clothing. If you want to still show your support without having to change up your wardrobe, I found the perfect solution–adding color to your hair! It's a badass (and temporary) way to stand up for LGBT youth, and I even broke it down into seven easy-to-follow steps below. Check it out, and don't forget to watch MTV and Logo's documentary on transgender youthsLaverne Cox Presents: The T Word" on October 17 at 7 p.m. EST!


+ Purple Glitter Hairspray ($5.50)

+ Purple Hair Chalk ($6.50)

+ Comb

+ Towel

+ Your bad self

STEP 1: LET YER HAIR DOWN[image src="wp-attachment://1964408" title="Purple Hair" alt="Purple Hair"]Be free, girl.

STEP 2: PROTECT YOUR CLOTHING[image src="wp-attachment://1964409" title="Purple hair" alt="Purple hair"]Cover EVERYTHING you care about in a towel because this gets messy. Seriously.

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STEP 3: GRAB A COMB[image src="wp-attachment://1964410" title="Purple hair" alt="Purple hair"]Yours is probably cooler than mine.

STEP 4: GET THEM TANGLES OUT[image src="wp-attachment://1964411" title="Purple Hair" alt="Purple Hair"]Fun!

STEP 5: BEGIN TO SPRAY FROM ROOT TO TIP[image src="wp-attachment://1964413" title="Purple Hair" alt="Purple Hair"]Divide hair into 1-inch sections and (try!) to spray evenly across each strand. It's hard. I know.

STEP 6: USE HAIR CHALK TO FILL IN EXTRA PIECES[image src="wp-attachment://1964414" title="Purple Hair" alt="Purple Hair"]For extra color and depth, I used hair chalk on all the bits the spray didn't cover. Also, it helps mattify that whole glitter situation.

STEP 7: SHAKE IT OFF[image src="wp-attachment://1964416" title="Purple Hair" alt="Purple Hair"]Give your hair a healthy shake before going out in public to avoid leaving a trail of purple dust everywhere you go. Also, you might need to clean up around your face and hands (unlike I did!) for any extra purple smudges. Get ittt.

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