The Lonely Island's G-Rated 'I'm On A Boat' Is Even Funnier Than The Original

'Take a good hard look at the mother-humpin' boat'

The Lonely Island skyrocketed to fame circa 2009 after dropping two NSFS -- Not Safe For School -- songs from their debut record, Incredibad: "Jizz in My Pants" and "I'm on a Boat" featuring T-Pain. The band decided to give the latter song a G-rated makeover Monday (May 16) on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. They played "I'm on a Boat" with classroom toys like the xylophone, kazoo, and tambourine.

After chatting about their upcoming movie Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping and playing Catch Phrase with Gigi Hadid (casual), Andy Samberg and company settled down with their plastic instruments. Sadly, T-Pain couldn't make it for this historic performance, but fear not — The Roots joined in on the fun. Watch it all go down in the clip below.