That Dude With The Amazing Voice From Macklemore's 'Downtown' Is Your Newest Obsession

Get schooled on Eric Nally.

Let's all take a second to digest the awesomeness we just witnessed during Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' performance of their new track, "Downtown," at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards ... Do some zen breathing, etc. ...

OK, cool -- now let's get to the question that's on all of our minds: Um, who was that amazing Freddie Mercury-esque singer tearing up the stage in a mustache and denim, a.k.a. my personal favorite part of the track?

Lucky for you, we anticipated that very question, and are amply prepared to educate those not in the know...

He's Foxy

Before Nally was chilling downtown with Macklemore & Co., he was the frontman for the Ohio band Foxy Shazam, which formed in 2004 and disbanded in 2014.

After independently releasing their debut record, The Flamingo Trigger, in 2005, the guys gained more traction and acclaim, releasing five records in total and touring with the likes of Portugal. The Man, The Strokes and Hole. Their sound was often compared to Queen (right?) and Meatloaf, who Nally also worked with on his record Hang Cool Teddy Bear.

He Doesn't Wanna Be Royal


Sidenote: Nally doesn't really dig those Queen comparisons. "I am honored in a way [to be compared to Freddie Mercury]," Nally told the Phoenix New Times.

"He was a great singer and a great frontman, and that means a lot. I guess a lot of times people say it because I'm a good singer and I have a mustache. Other than that, I don't see too much of a resemblance. ... I'm not really flattered by it because I want to be unique, but it's also really nice because at least I'm not being compared to some crap singer," he said.

Fair enough.

His Look Is Ever-Evolving

Yes, Nally has a 'stache and black hair now, but there's an entire suggested Google image search for "Eric Nally Blonde," so don't get too used to his movie villain looks.

He Also Has A Yen For Puffy Shirts

Who doesn't? [Insert some terrible "Seinfeld" joke here.]

He Has Something In Common With Nirvana


Both worked with the legendary Steve Albini -- Nirvana on In Utero and Nally on Foxy Shazam's last record, Gonzo.

He's Taken

Sorry, guys. But check out the sweetness he wrote on Instagram: "She is the center of my universe the mother of my sons. My burning light. My North Star on a dark ass night. Her strength and love carries me above to the only place I feel safe -Thank you for holding me in your heart, you are my life, my beautiful wife @kmnally Happy Anniversary I love you."

He's Kind Of A Badass Visual Artist

I need this.

He Can Ride A Tiny Bike With Ease

Also chariots, as we well know.


He's Been Known To EAT Cigarettes On Stage


During his Foxy Shazam days, he told Penn Live, "I think someone was smoking a cigarette in the front row and I just took it out of their mouth and ate it. ... I just remember thinking that I really liked that, that it was awesome. When I did that I felt really cool and confident."

From there on out, he proceeded to munch on cigs during many a show. We wonder if he'll continue dining on nicotine during his solo career.

He's Going Solo?

On that note, it appears dude is going solo. After "Downtown" hit, Mack tagged Nally's new Twitter handle, @NallyEric -- plus, he's had his own Facebook page for a while now (we're not sure if it's official).

We'll be watching those spaces for sure, seeing as how I think we can all reliably say we're in love.

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