You Won't Find Mouse Ears Or Fairy Dust On MTV's New Show 'Happyland'

Catch the new series -- about life at a theme park -- starting September 30!

In theory, trips to amusement parks amount to non-stop laughs, thrills and more funnel cake than you can stomach. In practice, the carnival life ain't always such a good time...

On new MTV series "Happyland," which premieres September 30 at 11/10c, the true face of the traditional theme park will be unmasked through the eyes of Lucy Velez, a teenager whose life has been spent around the fabricated magic of one of the country's most beloved attractions, Happyland.


Lucy has big plans to leave the clowns and carnies behind, and start a life that even the lengthiest roller coasters can't reach. But with the arrival of Ian Chandler, whose family owns the park, she thinks she might finally have found her Prince Charming and considers that sticking around Happyland might not be such a bad idea.

Still, every workplace has its secrets, and just when Lucy's fairy tale begins to take shape, she'll learn that "happily ever after" isn't necessarily a given. Don't worry, Luce -- that kid who puked on his crush after one too many spins on the Tilt-A-Whirl is still probably hurting worse...


Check out the "Happyland" trailer, and be sure to tune in to the season premiere later this month!

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