'SNL' Gets Real About Donald Trump, Who Responds On Twitter (Again)

Emma Stone returns to host 'SNL' for the third time

Emma Stone hosted Saturday Night Live last night (Dec 3) with musical guest Shawn Mendes, along with a cameo from Jennifer Aniston and Alec Baldwin reprising his portrayal of Donald Trump. And, of course, it wouldn't be an episode of SNL in 2016 without President-elect Trump himself weighing in, as he did (again!) last night:

SNL seems to be trying to take its portrayal of Trump a bit more seriously this time around, breaking the fourth wall to hint that the sketch's premise (Trump retweeting random people) is based on events that actually happened. Baldwin says "seriously, this is real," while Kate McKinnon, as Kellyanne Conway, stops and looks directly to camera, saying "he really did do this!"

They also poked at Trump's transition choices, portraying future chief strategist Steve Bannon as a evil, hooded skeleton and Baldwin-as-Trump saying his two big campaign promises to "build the wall" and "drain the swamp" are too many things, "smushing" them together to "build the swamp," instead. It clearly annoyed the president-elect, who apparently can't stop tuning in.

Baldwin himself responded to Trump on Twitter, adding:

Below are the some of the best sketches of the night:

Women Have Never Had It Easy In Hollywood, But DeBette Goldry Had It Really Bad

This is another one of those sketches where everyone just clears out for Kate McKinnon and lets her do her thing. This sketch takes place at a panel about women in the entertainment industry, with Stone, Aniston, and Leslie Jones playing themselves, and McKinnon playing an elderly actress named DeBette Goldry.

The actresses discuss their (very real) issues about what it's like being a woman in Hollywood; then, McKinnon drops in and nonchalantly (and hilariously) tells horrifying stories about being part of the prop budget and eating arsenic to lighten her skin.

The Hunt To Catch Hillary Clinton In The Wild (For A Selfie)

Riffing on the recent trend of people taking selfies with Hillary Clinton "in the wild," this sketch imagines "the hunt for Hil" as a reality show, tracking the former presidential candidate as one would look for Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster. This is a sketch from digital short weirdos Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney, so it's full of hilarious and strange flourishes, like their colorful names ("Rafe DeGraw" and "Coop Dixon") and their attempts to communicate with Clinton by imitating her laugh.

The Nativity Scene, From Mary's Perspective (She Just Had A Baby In A Barn)

This 10-to-1 sketch imagines the birth of Jesus from the perspective of Mary, who had a baby in a barn and is subjected to an onslaught of male guests with useless gifts (who continue to ask "if she's okay" because she "looks tired"). The sketch culminates in Joseph asking their guests if they want drinks, leaving a very pregnant pause before he asks Mary to provide everyone with refreshments, leading to audible gasps from the audience.

Thank You, Christmas Candle, The Gift We All Get And Give Away

This holiday-themed music video is about Christmas's "other" savior, the candle. The video subsequently shows women finding the musty Christmas candle in closets and the bottom of purses, coming in handy for last-second gifts to friends and acquaintances, as the gift all women "get and give away."

Next week's host is John Cena, with musical guest Maren Morris.