Jaden Makes Rebelling In Pink Look Cool In ‘Again’

Spray paint cars and jump on their hoods in style!

Who wears pink better than Jaden? Who loves the color more than him? His new video for "Again" is a love letter to pink that finds the hue in every one of its stylish frames. It's also a look at what being a rebellious soul entails. Sit back and put on a pink hoodie and enjoy the show.

In "Again," Jaden is the star of the show. The camera hugs around him tightly as he spray-paints a car, jumps on its hood, and flexes a wad of pink Benjamin Franklin-covered bills with a smirk on his face. He's also dancing like a mad man and then plopping his exhausted keister on dilapidated sofas because doing all of this at maximum overdrive has to take a toll on his joints.

Every bit of this visually stunning stuff looks even more awesome in this hot pink filter where warehouses and rooftops are washed in purplish hues. Jaden's eye for pizazz is unmatched.

"Again" appears on Jaden's sophomore album Erys that dropped in July. The LP features appearances from Tyler, the Creator, Kid Cudi, A$AP Rocky, and, of course, his sister, Willow Smith. Earlier this year, Jaden was revealed to be playing a young version of Kanye West in the forthcoming Showtime series, Omniverse. 

Check out Jaden's "Again" video up above.