'It Was Empowering': 'Teen Mom OG''s Catelynn And Tyler Voted For The Very First Time

And they brought their daughters to the polls

Last fall, Catelynn and Tyler expressed their desire to make their voices heard in the 2020 election. And during tonight's Teen Mom OG episode, the longtime couple stuck to their word and voted for the very first time. And they made sure to bring their daughters Novalee and Vaeda along for the memorable experience.

"You voted!" an enthusiastic Cate told Novalee as they emerged from their Michigan polling place. "You helped me fill in the circle, didn't you?"

After the Baltierras returned home, Tyler told Cate he "felt good doing it" and Cate admitted she couldn't wait to see who won.

"I felt like it was empowering, especially as women," Cate told her husband about bringing their little girls along for the civic duty. "And to see Nova's reaction when we walked out, it was like, 'Uh huh!'"

While Vaeda was understandably too young to understand the significance of this event, Novalee expressed her excitement to one day cast her own ballot.

"We voted for Biden and Kamala Harris," Cate told Novalee. "It's always been just boys, did you know that? Only boys. For hundreds of years! Girl power!"


"Yes!" Nova concurred.

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