Listen To Michael Jackson's 'Blue Gangsta' Now

The song will appear on Jackson's upcoming Xscape album.

If "Thriller" gave you the chills, wait til you get a shot of Michael Jackson's "Blue Gangsta." The song, which is available exclusively now at will appear on the upcoming posthumous King of Pop album, Xscape, and it is a classic slice of cinematic MJ pop magic.

Opening with a movie score-like wash of strings and the urgent refrain, "What cha gonna do/You ain't the friend of mine/Look what you put me through/Now that I'm the blue gangsta," the Timbaland-produced tune features an spare, skittering beat and Jackson singing over the eerie multi-tracked chorus.

Like the other eight songs on the Xscape (due out May 13), "Blue Gangsta" was put together based on full vocal takes recorded by the late singer between 1983 and 1999. Unlike the first released track -- the disco-leaning "Love Never Felt So Good" -- the darker "Gangsta" has an icier, more modern sound.

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