EXCLUSIVE: No 'Thor' For Channing Tatum, Studio Looking For Someone 'More Nordic-Looking'

“I think they’re looking for someone more Nordic-looking,” Tatum told MTV News during a press event for his new film, “Fighting.” However, Tatum confirmed that he had indeed been interested in the part, and even met with director Kenneth Branagh about donning the golden locks and toting the mythical hammer.

Ever since Marvel released a public casting-call for "Thor" earlier this year, a number of names have been linked to the role including, most persistently, that of Alexander Skarsgard who certainly matches the “Nordic-looking” requirement. Tatum had no knowledge as to whether Skargard (or anyone else, for that matter) has been offered the role.

Barring an announcement of the lead, work on “Thor” is still certainly moving forward -- at least as far as casting rumors would suggest. Last month saw a casting rumor that Natalie Portman had joined the "Thor" lineup, as well as the rumored-casting of Josh Hartnett as lead-villian Loki.

The film also received a release date delay of nearly a year, to June 17, 2011. The updated release gives Branagh a good bit more breathing room and allows him to work in tangent with other directors as Marvel maps out its filmic universe.

Would Tatum have been a good call for “Thor”? Who’s your top pick to carry Mjöllnir? Let us know below!

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