John Legend Showcases Little Bro Vaughn Anthony, With Rick Ross' Help

Estelle, Ryan Leslie also came out to NYC nightclub to introduce new R&B singer.

It was a family affair Thursday night at S.O.B.'s nightclub as [artist id="1784962"]John Legend[/artist] showed off the talents of his younger brother -- and latest addition to Legend's record label -- R&B singer Vaughn Anthony.

In the hopes of securing a distribution deal for Anthony's upcoming debut album, Legend hosted the exclusive event for industry executives and fans.

To kick off the night, Legend played the supportive-big-brother role as he took to the stage at around 9 p.m. to introduce Anthony's seven-song showcase. Legend was met with deafening screams when he got onstage to hail the up-and-coming singer as an "incredible vocalist" and promised the crowd "a few superstar surprises."

Before the surprises came Anthony's energized performance. The singer -- who sounds a lot like his megastar brother -- wowed the S.O.B.'s crowd with smooth vocals on upbeat tracks infused with soulful and reggae-inspired beats. Anthony debuted the rumored first single from his upcoming album, In Your Shoes, a song co-written with Legend. Sporting a black tank top, which showed that nice arms run in the family, Anthony graciously addressed the packed venue and thanked them for showing their support.

A few of Legend's famous friends also showed Anthony some love. First up was London export [artist id="1916698"]Estelle[/artist], the first and only other artist signed to Legend's HomeSchool Records. Estelle and Legend hit the fans with some island flavor as they performed their sultry track "Come Over."

Next in line was the always effervescent rapper [artist id="2000082"]Rick Ross[/artist]. Ross sauntered onstage, decked out in bright red, to perform the hit "Magnificent" with Legend. After the laid-back performance, Ross took the mic, toasting Legend as "the greatest singer of our generation" and praising the singer's humility.

"I want to commend this brother right here for not only being a great artist, for not only being a trendsetter, but [being] down to earth," the rapper said. "I don't think we say that enough for the artists that remain the same after they become the legends that they are."

The next surprise guest might not be a legend yet, but R&B sensation Ryan Leslie won over the crowd with his impromptu performance.

Legend closed the night with a solo rendition of "Green Light."

Back in 2007, [article id="1554180"]Legend told MTV News[/article] that he was planning to sign Vaughn and continues to look for new artists for his label.

"We're growing, and I'm just trying to find great talent and bring it to light. It's a lot of fun," he said.