Broken Social Scene Talk 'Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World' Soundtrack

The Canadian indie-rock group was tapped to write songs for comic book flick's fictional band Crash and the Boys.

[artist id="1236367"]Broken Social Scene[/artist] kicked off the summer by releasing their fourth studio album, the heavily anticipated Forgiveness Rock Record. But that's not all the Canadian indie-rock band has coming. While recording Forgiveness, they were also in Toronto, quietly working on music for [movie id="384759"]"Scott Pilgrim vs. the World,"[/movie] director Edgar Wright's love letter to all things geeky.

"I'm not allowed to tell you that it's really f---ing fun," frontman Kevin Drew joked when he and bandmate Charles Spearin stopped by the MTV News offices last month.

Although the bandmembers were mostly tight-lipped about details surrounding their experience with Wright, we now know that Broken Social Scene created the music -- the soundtrack's official track list was released this week -- for one of the flick's fictional onscreen bands, Crash and the Boys.

For the uninitiated, the "Scott Pilgrim" graphic novels number five volumes, with a sixth (and final) book to be released on July 20. The stories center on a loveable Canadian slacker in his early 20s who falls in love with Ramona Flowers, a mysterious American recently relocated to Toronto. Scott wants to date Ramona but quickly learns that, in order to do so, he'll have to confront the ghosts of her past relationships by doing battle with her seven evil exes.

Scott (played by Michael Cera) may be unemployed in the series, but like any good 20-something slacker he dabbles in music, playing bass in the band Sex Bob-Omb. And this is where Broken Social Scene collide with the comic book world. When the movie's director and music supervisor Nigel Godrich first approached BSS, they assumed it was to ask the band to score the comic book flick. They were surprised to learn that Godrich actually wanted them to create a catalog for one of three bands that appear in "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World."

"They chose Metric and ourselves to do music for the 'bands' that are represented in the film," Drew told us in May of Wright and Godrich, a longtime Radiohead producer. "We were given the task to write four-second songs, so how the f--- is that going to be anything like Broken Social Scene?" Drew laughed.

Apparently, Godrich was impressed. He asked Drew and bandmate Brendan Canning to contribute to the film's score too.

"We never really told anyone about this, we just told our family and friends -- but [Godrich] invited us to London," Drew revealed at the time. "He's putting together the whole soundtrack, so he's been picking a lot of the bands he's been playing with and musicians, and he asked us, which we were really honored [about]."

As Drew pointed out, BSS weren't the only group tapped to write music for the cinematic bands: Beck crafted songs for Sex Bob-Omb, while fellow Canadian rockers Metric recorded a tune for Scott Pilgrim's rival band, Clash at Demonhead.

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