Fabolous Prepping New Chris Brown And Nicki Minaj Features For 'Loso's Way 2'

Fab teams up with Breezy and Nicki once again.

(Fab gives updates on Loso's Way 2 collabs with Chris Brown and Nicki)

Fabolous isn't ready to drop his anticipated album Loso's Way 2 just yet, but his latest collaboration definitely helped him to cement the direction of his project.

The Brooklyn rapper told MTV News that he recently hit the studio with Chris Brown (plus Nicki Minaj) and his latest work with Breezy will arrive very soon. You'll remember that Fab and Brown collaborated on the single "Ready" last year, but he says it's a bit different this time around.

" 'Ready' was kind of a buildup single to where we were going but I don't think we were exactly ready -- no pun intended," Fab said, laughing. "Me and Chris are friends and work together well, [and] when I got this record I felt it was something that leaned in his direction. So I played it for him, he liked it and did it right there on the spot.

"What's crazy about the record is it steered the direction of where the project is gonna go," he added. "I think it's definitely gonna coast the end of the summer out" -- which translates to "coming very soon."

Fans can also expect a Nicki Minaj feature on this project. "I've worked with Nicki before and I reached back out to her as well, so we've got something in the works too," Fab said.

He also shared his thoughts on her racy "Anaconda" single cover art in the video above. ("There was no way of escaping that on your Instagram timeline.")