Lizzo, Cosplaying As A Disco Ball, Gave 'Fallon' Its Funkiest Performance Ever

Another day, another magical performance of "Juice"

It's becoming clear that Lizzo is on the fast track to becoming one of the most entertaining performers in the industry. Her live shows carry the same kind of manic energy that you get after three shots of espresso to wash down that energy shot in the morning.

It's an over-the-top comparison, but that's perhaps the best way to describe her Tuesday night (February 5) performance of "Juice" on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in all of its exciting glamour.  You have to see it below to believe it.

Under the glare of purple floodlights, Lizzo's commanding voice set the tone. "New York City!" she bellowed, followed by, "Are you ready for that 'ooh, ah' sensation?" She then launched into "Juice" in a bedazzling, crystal-adorned bodysuit that provided an eye-catching focal point while her backup dancers matched her seemingly endless pools of energy. Eventually, the disco lights came on and the brief show turned into Soul Train as Lizzo, now with blinding lights reflecting off of her torso, became the disco ball literally and figuratively, driving the retro experience to its funky conclusion.

If that sounds like one heck of an experience, it's hard to believe that it's about on par with the rest of her equally captivating performances. Last week, she performed “Juice” on Ellen and got the crowd involved, dancing through it while wearing a hot-pink robe and playing her fierce instrument, Sasha Flute.

"Juice," the song at the center of these two magical shows, appears on Lizzo's upcoming album Cuz I Love You that's set to drop in April. If you're in North America and want to get a taste of the live Lizzo experience, you're in luck; she recently announced a tour to kick off that same month.

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