John Green Would Like You To Please Stop Threatening To Kill Him

Not cool, guys.

John Green is begging you: please, please, please stop asking him to put your favorite actors in the film adaptations of his books.

The "Fault In Our Stars" writer took to Twitter this morning to plead with fans to a.) please understand that he doesn't cast the movies based on his books and b.) to please stop threatening to kill him.

Doesn't seem like too much to ask, does it?



Apparently reaching a breaking point with fans asking who would be in the long-rumored adaptation of "Looking For Alaska," Green put his foot down.

That doesn't mean he doesn't have opinions about who could be in it, though.

And, like we said, opinions! He has them. Doesn't mean they're the final word though.

And don't try to be all "well get a better casting director then":

And, no, this isn't Shai-d. He loves his "Fault" lead, wholeheartedly. Just, ugh. Stahhhp.

Here's something to actually fret over: Green's comment that "Looking For Alaska" "might never" happen.

No! No! Say it ain't so!

So let's everyone just get off John Green's back, OK? It's hard to write amazing, tearjerking novels with a bunch of fans climbing all over you. Can't we just be excited about seeing "Paper Towns" on the big screen in a matter of weeks? OK? OK.

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