The Unlikely Link Between Metallica And Matt Damon

In six-degrees-of-separation news, there appears to be a unique, if not immediately obvious, connection between Oscar nominee and Hollywood golden boy Matt Damon and metal mainstays Metallica.

Damon recently told "Movieline" magazine that the love of his life was a doctor with whom he had carried on a long-distance relationship for years. Damon would not reveal the name of the woman, but did tell the magazine that she went on to marry "a f***ing rock star who's got $80 million and his own jet... a bad rock star too.

Those who have seen Damon's multiple Oscar-nominated film "Good Will Hunting" will recall that the actor/screenwriter's on-screen love interest in that movie is also a doctor played by Minnie Driver. Damon has denied that the character is named after anyone in real life, but Driver's character (named Skylar) shares the same first name and occupation as the wife of Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich.

A publicist for Metallica confirmed that the drummer's

wife is in fact Damon's old flame. For the record, the normally loquacious Lars had no comment on being dissed by Damon.